Something just for Yisraela… LOL

Cute Overload

Please rain the goodness down upon me.

(*Stole borrowed most of the post concept from Saya.) Submitted by The Norem of Joshness.

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Faith is the trade wind by which reason fills its sails and seeks unknown lands...
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  1. John
    Boy, once again, you have left me without words. It is adorable, the cat that is. LOL
    Thank you so much. It means more than I can express.
    With all my love and friendship

    • John Wheeler (Johanan Rakkav) says:

      You’re most welcome. Now… if you don’t have chicken I’m sure the poor thing will take tuna, kippered herring, or SOMETHING, but don’t let it just sit there… LOL :D

      • I asked the chicken seeker to join our family. He was delighted, but Jada, my little girl is not. She is a diva that won’t give much latitude where other males are involved. Only Sammy who was here when I found Jada, can get along with her. That pretty much speaks to the attitude of her mom {me}. I don’t get along with a lot of other men either. Guess Jada has adopted her mom’s attitude. So the chicken seeker who did indeed miss out on chicken tonight will be joining our family this week. I need to provide extra space for him. And then we will have a family photo for John to see us all. I mean Jada, Sammy, and my new feline son, for whom I shall name or be given a name for, by the giver of him. And then I will also put a photo of Patrick up with Sammy, Jada, mommy and the new addition. I do think if John had an adult cat, he’d find some solace, but that is not mine to insist on. Anyway, just know he is going to fit in fine here. He is awaiting a name.
        And a post will show all the forementioned people.
        Love in Messiah

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